xkcd Comic Bot

The holiday break is a time to catch up on everything we fall behind on during the semester - emails, sleep, family news, and of course xkcd comics!

But why do I forget to check xkcd? I’m on Twitter daily and use RSS readers a bit - plenty of nice solutions to stay updated exist! A few days ago, I quickly perused the existing xkcd Twitter bots and decided to combine their best features into my own bot, suited to my preferences.

Before the holiday festivies around the house began, I had @xkcdComic working to check the xkcd atom feed for newly published comcis and tweet them out. It includes the comic image directly in the Tweet so its not usually necessary to follow a link. It also includes a link to the mobile xkcd site, which makes it easy to see the xkcd alt-text on a mobile device.

Finally, I wanted to start reading the xkcd what if? posts regularly so @xkcdComic will tweet about new whatif articles weekly as well.

Putting @xkcdComic together was just a bit of work for a lot of return! I’m enjoying it.


If you notice any problems or have suggestions for @xkcdComic, let me know at @dghubble or by emailing dghubble@gmail.com.