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Overview #

👋 Hi, I’m Dalton Hubble or dghubble online.

I develop open-source software that powers infrastructure (for myself and for enterprises) at different layers:

  • Web libraries, authentication, APIs
  • Containers, deployment, observability
  • Kubernetes, Terraform, orchestration
  • Datacenters, provisioning, networking

I run Kubernetes clusters (Typhoon) and infrastructure around the world to power 70+ internal projects/systems and founded Poseidon Labs. That infra spans AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Equinix, Vultr, and an on-prem colocation and I operate AS207563 for BGP peering and global anycast 🌐.

I’m also a Staff Engineer for Lyft, former CoreOS/Twitter, and an MIT alum.

Libraries #

Find open-source Go libraries to add auth/login to your next app, build API clients, and more.

Or see my open-source projects in poseidon and deploybot-app.

❤️ Become a GitHub Sponsor of dghubble or poseidon to help me develop and maintain projects. Some tiers have special perks!

Dalton Hubble
Dalton Hubble
Friends with the machines, builder of Poseidon Labs, Typhoon, and